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Dale M. Willard
Founded by Dr. Dale M. Willard, a visionary with a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Colorado State University, Carbo Analytics has been at the forefront of revolutionizing sugar analysis.

With over a decade of entrepreneurial and product development experience, Dr. Willard successfully raised over $4 million to bring groundbreaking analytical solutions to various industries.

Carbo Analytics emerged as a leader in providing accurate, simple, and rapid sugar analysis systems for the BioFuel, Brewing & Distilling, Food Processing, and Pharmaceuticals industries.

Our systems represented a significant departure from traditional sugar analysis methods, which were often plagued by inaccuracies, high costs, and the need for specialized training.

In 2024, Carbo Analytics took a bold step forward. Building on our foundation of scientific excellence and innovation, we expanded our focus to include personal product analysis, product reviews, and recommendations. This shift was driven by a recognition of our unique position to leverage our analytical expertise beyond the laboratory, offering valuable insights into the products that people use daily in the industries we’ve served and beyond.
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